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How To Make a Fall Wreath

I love fall – the warm golden yellows, pumpkins, and hot apple cider. My sister tells me that I love it because my birthday is in October. That might be, but I also have a lot of fun decorating. This fall wreath will welcome friends at your door.

Fall Wreath
How to make a Fall Wreath:

Step One: Gather your supplies. Look out for sales, I bought the following items at Michael’s when they were having a sale. This is a good base list for a wreath, feel free to add or subtract any items you like.

  • 1 Grapevine wreath
  • 3 Fall artificial flowers – I chose 1 yellow mum, 1 purple mum, and 1 red gerbera daisy, which will be the centerpiece. (you’ll notice poppies in the basket but I ended up liking my set up so much I didn’t use them).
  • Berry accent stem
  • Orange bow
  • Hot glue gun (I didn’t need to buy this since we already own one.)

Step Two: Disassemble the flowers. Be sure to keep the leaves too, they’re a great background to the bright colors.

Play with color combinations on a table top first. This way you don’t have to commit to a design before knowing if you like it or not.

This is the combination I came up with:

Step Three: Pick where you would like your flowers to sit. I positioned mine at the lower left corner of the grapevine wreath and chose to balance it out with an orange bow at the top right corner.

Step Four: Break out the hot glue gun and get to work! Glue everything into place. Be careful with your fingers, the glue can be hot.

Step Five: After the flowers are in place, add the accent. I extended the direction of the flowers with my berry sprig. To do this disassembled the sprig – it was very easy for me to peel and snip it apart. Weave the wire base through the wreath, this will require minimal glue to hold the pieces where you like them. I really like the berries, I think they make eyes continue around the circle shape of the wreath. Attached the bow. Mine came with a twist tie already attached which made for hassle-free bow application.

Flower Arrangement on WreathFor bonus points you can re-purposed a leftover wire from the flowers or accent berries to hang your wreath. Weave a loop through the back to make for easy hanging.

Step Six: Admire your finished product!

Fall Wreath
I really like this project. I think it took me all of 30 minutes from start to finish and the cost was less than $10.00!

Have a look at the price break down:

Red Gerbera Daisy = .99
Yellow Mums = .99
Purple Mums = .99
Berry Accent = .99
Grapevine Wreath = $2.50
Bow = $2.99
Total = $9.45


I think $9.45 is great when you compare the price of other wreaths in the store. They were selling for $30 or $40. This process is so simple and versatile. My Michaels store had an adorable little scarecrow that would fit nicely in a fall wreath, if you’re looking for more ideas.

How do you prepare for fall? Is it time to break out the pumpkins?

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