How To Get Off Track

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Normally my How To posts are positive but today I’m mixing things up and instead of a recipe for success… this is a recipe for failure.

How to Get Off Track:

  1. Don’t Plan The Week – Failure to make plans for the week gets you off to a bad start.
  2. Skip Food Shopping on the Weekend – Starting the week off with an empty fridge is a big risk for failure. Cookies and sweets are always around.
  3. Don’t workout on Monday – You will make exercise excuses on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  4. Watch Lots of TV – Why spend time doing something productive when you can procrastinate?
  5. Stay Up Late – You don’t need sleep!
  6. Spend Money Buying Lunch – Spending extra money on on extra calories.
  7. Skip Your Chores – Let the work pile up, do it another day.

Do you have anything add to this list? Having a successful week you’ve got to do a lot of things right. For me, messing up one or two things can set out a snowball effect for the week! I hope you have a productive day!

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