How To Find Inspiration

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I believe that inspiration comes from within, however lots of outside influences can help inspire you to reach your goal. Here are a few ideas to give you a fresh perspective.

  1. Look To Others – Seek out others who have done what you wish to do. Read their stories and find what helped them succeed. It’s important to consider what will work for you and your situation. Speak with them, ask them questions. One person I find inspiring for my fitness goals is Kathy. Who just celebrated her 5 year Anniversary. She lost 105 pounds and that takes motivation and dedication.
  2. Examine the Small Things – It’s the little things in life. That’s what you hear people say. Often we overlook the little things in life. There could be more information there than you think.
  3. Look to The Professional World – Think of a celebrity or public figure that you admire. Look at their approach and see if you can’t incorporate it into your life. Read autobiographies and interviews. It’s always good to see how successful came to be that way.
  4. Talk to Your Family – Ask for help from the people you love. If they’ve been there before they can give you help or an idea that you might not have considered.
  5. Walk Away (but come back) – Walk away from a project, try something new and then go back to what you were working on. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can really help.
  6. Make Mistakes – Learn from your mistakes. If your goal is weight loss, learn from your latest slip up and realize what was the reason? If you did not get as good of a grade as you had hoped on a project, learn from it and improve by focusing on your weaknesses. Try something new and learn for the next time.
  7. Review Yourself – Write a journal or even in a word document. What are the thoughts going on in your head. Get it all out and on paper. Once it is said, then you can work on a plan of attack. Keeping a journal also allows you to look at your past and see what was successful and what could have used improving.
  8. Don’t Give Up – Looking for inspiration in the outside world can help but don’t be discouraged by others success or if you’re not achieving what you want quickly enough. Everyone is unique.

What do you do to find inspiration in everyday life?


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