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Have a great idea for healthy eating, recipes, a really great craft, organization? Share your thoughts as a guest posts on Lindsay Ann Loft! Here’s how:

Please submit a request via the contact page.

In your submission, please include:

  • A link to your website.
  • A link to a sample of your writing.
  • A brief summary of your proposed guest blog.

Byline: I want to give you the credit for your work and link information back to your blog and website. At the end of the post, we will include a two to three sentence byline for your biography and blog. Links inside of the article can link to your site, if relevant.

Editing: I edit all information on my blog. Please do not be offended if I edit your guest posts to streamline it to the design and qualifications of Lindsay Ann Loft. I also reserve the right to refuse guest posts if they do not fit the style of my site.

Please Note: All information must be your original work including images (copyright free in creative commons are ok too).  I will only accept good-natured, positive, and informative posts.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

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