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The Sunshine Vitamin

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Here’s another reason to get outside and enjoy the spring sunshine! Vitamin D is not only found in food, it also comes from the sun. How easy is that??

Many foods like cereal and milk are fortified with Vitamin D. Mushrooms and fish naturally provide the vitamin.

Vitamin D is synthesized or produced in the body when exposed to rays of the sun. You will need to be outdoors to benefit from the effects, as sun from a window is not quite the same. Be mindful to limit your sun exposure to reduce risks of skin cancer and sunburn.

Vitamin D is beneficial to bone health and helps your body absorb calcium. It can help prevent osteoporosis. Adults are recommended to consume 600 IU of the vitamin whereas older adults 71+ are recommended to consume 800 IU.

It’s a good reason to take a walk outside in the sun or have a glass of iced tea on the patio.


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