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The Health Benefits of Chocolate

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Chocolate is my favorite treat. I most especially love dark chocolate. So today I’d like to share a few health benefits of chocolate and a couple of interesting facts. Remember all good things in moderation. 🙂

  1. Dark chocolate is good for your heart. It helps by lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.
  2. Chocolate releases endorphins which makes you happy. 🙂
  3. Chocolate contains flavonoids which help protect your body from environmental factors.
  4. Want to learn how Hershey’s makes chocolate? Watch the video on their website here.
  5. “It’s a common myth that chocolate aggravates acne. Experiments conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Naval Academy found that consumption of chocolate — even frequent daily dietary intake — had no effect on the incidence of acne. Professional dermatologists today do not link acne with diet.” – Source



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