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Freezer Cooking… Everybody’s Doing It

photo credit: alsis35 via photopin cc
photo credit: alsis35 via photopin cc

The common theme I find around the internet is that people have too much going on in their lives and not enough time to cook and make good food for themselves and their families. The answer to this problem is  freezer cooking.

I remember hearing stories from a friend’s Grandma. She would go to the market the day of and buy the foods she needed for the night’s meal. All of the ingredients were fresh and each night you could have whatever you’d like for dinner. How awesome is fresh baked bread?  It’s not that way anymore, we don’t have time. Some people shop once a month or once a month.

Freezer cooking is a way to get back to eating healthy, real foods each night while still having time to live your life.

The idea is to dedicate a day to cooking meals for the week or month and packaging them in the freezer and easily bake/cook/reheat each day.

There are plenty of recipes that I have shared that can be easily frozen. Including  football chili, eggplant and orzo bake, minestrone soup, freezer waffles, pancakes, lemon raspberry muffins, cinnamon bread, apple butter, crepes, any cookies or bread items. Check out the recipe list for ideas.

I always make two pans of lasagna and freeze one for another day. And while I don’t consider myself an expert with freezer cooking, I found a few links to help you get started if you want to give it a try.

Other Helpful Links for Freezer Cooking:

Money Saving Mom regularly posts about freezer cooking. Read some of her recipes and freezer ideas here.

Happy Herbivore also shared a story on her site about eating veg on a busy schedule. Read ideas in the post here.

Ring Around the Rosies – I came across this series on Pinterest. It looks like a great series to get started.

If you’re freezing homemade bread, slice it first and toast or thaw the pieces as you need them.

Do you use your freezer for meals? How do you eat healthy with a busy schedule? I’d love to hear your ideas and tips, please share in the comments below.

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