Weight Loss Struggles

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Kathy shares her struggles with weight loss and gives tips on what to do to avoid them.

Do you have specific times that you know are a struggle for you?  Those times when you want to eat anything and everything.  It is important to identify those times and learn to work around them.  For me, I have two.  One, when I am traveling in the car.  Since two of my daughters live a distance away from me, I normally travel by car to see them.  Chalk it up to boredom, I generally get a case of the munchies when I am traveling.

My other struggle time can be the weekend.  It depends on what I am doing and how much free time that I have.  Normally I am very busy on the weekends.  I like it that way.  Whether we are working on the house, in the yard or out and about during the day, we try to stay busy.  I like to have days that I just enjoy a good book on the hammock but those days are few and far between.  It is the time when I am just sitting around waiting to do something.  Once again it goes back to boredom.  I know that I am not hungry but I want to eat something.

When I am going to travel, I make sure that I have a large drink. Whether it be iced tea, water, a diet coke or coffee, I want something that I can sip on the entire way.  Of course that calls for more comfort stops but that also gives e a chance to stretch my legs.  I also like to take grapes, cherries, raisins, carrot or celery sticks, things that are bite size that I can have, and are not very messy to eat in the car.  Pretzels are not bad to take along but I have a tough time controlling how many I eat.  In a trip to New Jersey, I can eat 1/2 of the bag.  That’s not good.

On the weekends, I am learning to start the day with more protein.  Having 2 eggs and and fruit such as grapefruit, an orange or an apple helps me feel full without the feel of wanting more.  I love to go to a restaurant for breakfast on the weekends so if I do, I choose a veggie omelet made with egg whites or eggbeaters and no cheese.  Lots of protein.  I may also order a dish of fruit.  Don’t be afraid to eat a little more protein if you need to.  Make sure it is lean protein.

Learning to recognize those times where you can struggle is important so you can make a game plan.  After 5 years, I continue to work on healthy eating and what makes things easier. I have mentioned that weight loss is a life long change.  Whether you are losing or maintaining weight, everyday is a new day.  Try your best to make it a healthier one!

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