To Count? or not to Count?… Calories

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In today’s guest post Kathy shares information about her weight loss journey and her decision about counting calories and staying on track.

Over the last couple of years, I have been asked how I was able to lose 105 pounds.  The honest answer is healthy eating and exercise.  The conversation usually comes around to how many calories I would eat in a day.  I never counted calories.  I know that goes against what a lot of people believe but I made sure that I ate the right foods.  

There are a couple of reasons why I chose not to count calories.  First of all, it can allow me to eat things that weren’t the healthiest but because I could afford the calories, I could eat it.  Oh this cookie is only 75 calories, no problem.  I can fit that in.  If I am eating 1200 calories a day, I could do that.  The problem for me was that one cookie would make me want more.  What was the old commercial, “You can’t eat just one”?  That is me.  I can’t eat things with processed sugar and not crave more.  Not eating it at all is so much better for me.  Same thing with fried or fatty foods.  I am better off without it.

Another reason was the fact that if the scale didn’t change I would start cutting more calories.  That is NOT the right thing to do.  You should not go below 1200 calories.  I knew that but for some reason I would fall into that trap.  I didn’t help in losing any more and I felt so tired that I didn’t want to exercise.

Eat healthy, that is my best advice.  Cut out processed foods.  Eating proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grains was the way I did it.  Less fat and more fiber.  If I got hungry between meals, I would snack on a little lean protein or vegetables.

There are so many foods out there that are great tasting and healthy.  You can make vegetables so many different ways.  Same thing with protein.  You don’t have to eat fish and chicken every meal.  Mix it up.  Try new recipes.  There are a lot of great recipes here on Lindsay Ann Loft.  Try them out!

Whether you choose to count calories or do it the way I did, getting rid of excess fat and getting your body healthier is so important.  Small changes can make big differences.  Today is a new day and a great day to get started!

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