The Great Race 2012

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Kathy is writing about a race that we ran on Sunday and how a race can be a great kick start for motivation.

I am such a big advocate of exercising and even though it isn’t always easy to get started, there is such a great pay off. As you know, I lost my weight with the help of walking. I think it is a wonderful exercise. It isn’t very stressful on your body, you can do it just about anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment for it.

Locally we have an event called “The Great Race”. It is a city event and it started as a community “fun run” to raise money for amyloidosis. There is a 10K run, 5K run and a 5K walk. It has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. This year was the 35th anniversary for the race and 15,000 people took part.

I started participating 5 years ago when I was just starting my weight loss journey with the 5K walk. It took me 50 minutes to finish but what a sense of accomplishment! I have done it every year since and each year my time improves. This year I am so happy and proud to say that I finished in 37 minutes!!!

Everyone has to start somewhere. When I first started walking, a half of a mile had me winded. I remember taking my ID and my medical insurance card with me in my pocket in case something happened to me. Now I chuckle at the thought of that but at the time, I was so out of shape I was a little nervous. Now I can do so much more!

My point in sharing this information is that anyone can do it! I have found that your body will adapt to the extra stress that you put on it. I always try to push a little more. Once what I am doing becomes easy, I go for more. Next year…I hope to do even better! I am actually thinking of taking on a 10K at some point.

I encourage everyone to just start some sort of exercise. For most people, just starting to move is an accomplishment. Being a couch potato is so much easier and more comfortable. It is also so much more boring! Give it a try! Maybe one day you will enter a race and amaze yourself!

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