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In today’s post, Kathy talks about her work with the American Heart Association Heart Walk and why it is so important to her.

Once again this year, I have been asked to MC our local American Heart Association Heart Walk.  Having lost several family members and close friends to heart attacks and strokes, this is something that is near and dear to my “heart”.

Losing weight was the primary reason that I chose to do something about my life style.  I had too many extra pounds and I wanted to look good but becoming healthier was a close second.  Already taking blood pressure medication, I figured that more issues would arise as time went on.  I continue to work to become the healthiest that I can be.

*Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the number one and four killers in this country.  Increased physical activity can help reduce your risk.  Start a journey to a healthier you!

I challenge anyone to give it a try.  Here is a questionnaire from the American Heart Association about your heart health.  It doesn’t take very long to take and it could give you some great information about becoming healthier.

You can also join me in walking in the Heart Walk this year.  Check with the AHA and find a local Heart Walk.  Locally we will be walking on November 3rd.

Taking some time everyday to exercise is so beneficial.  You don’t need to go to a gym or buy any heavy duty exercise equipment.  All you need is a good pair of shoes and 30 minutes of your time.  Make an appointment to take care of yourself.

*Information from the American Heart Association

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