Stress and Eating Around the Holidays

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Kathy is guest posting with us today about managing stress and eating around the holidays.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just about 2 1/2 weeks away!  Are you starting to feel stressed?  So many of us do around this time.  Getting all of the gifts purchased, planning menus, getting prepared for family and friends to visit and don’t forget all of the holiday parties.  I am getting stressed just thinking about it.

With so much to think about, one thing that we tend to forget is eating correctly.  We know that the average person will gain 8-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  It is hard to fit everything in and grabbing a quick bite to eat either at home or on the road is just too easy.  Start planning now for those crazy days.  Take just a few minutes to make a game plan.  Planning ahead is the secret to making it through the holidays without a weight gain and hopefully even a weight loss.  Know ahead of time what you want to eat.  If you need to catch a meal on the road, plan where that will be and what you will choose on the menu.  That way when you are hungry and could easily eat the burger and fries you will already know what you want to do.  Plan you meals before you go to the grocery store so you have the healthy foods in the house.  Make sure that you have something prepared and ready to reach for when you need it.   Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables, containers of yogurt, some lean proteins and whole grains.  This is a great time to use your crock pot so meals are ready when you get home.

With a little planning, you can get through the holidays with a little less stress and a healthier you.  Imagine going into the new year healthier than you did last year.  So many of us make New Years resolutions. This year, weight loss and healthier eating are already being accomplished!

Kathy has been posting with us every Wednesday and sharing her story and ideas for weight loss and a healthy life. Miss any of the previous posts?

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