Spring Cleaning

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Spring is finally here and the first thing that I think of is getting outside!  If you are like me, you see that your patio, deck and/or yard needs a little TLC.  Working outside getting the lawn in shape and doing some gardening is great exercise.

Raking works different parts of your body.  Your arms get a workout with all of the pulling of the rake.  Your sides and back also feel the pull.  Your heart rate is usually elevated and if you are picking up piles of leaves, branches, or grass, you are most likely bending down to pick them up.  You want to squat down and use your leg muscles.

Pulling weeds is another workout for your arms and legs.  Squatting down and pulling with your arms and putting the weeds in a bag or bucket.

 Shoveling –  Depending on where you live, you may have been shoveling snow but digging into the ground and lifting soil is another good workout.  Turning over the soil and preparing for your garden will work those muscles and burn calories.

Mowing the lawn gets your heart rate up.  Whether you are using a self propelled or a push mower, you are still walking.  If you do not have much of a lawn to mow, offer your services to a neighbor or a family member.  You get the exercise and they get the lawn mowed!

Sweeping side walks and drive ways will also work on different parts of your body.

These are just a few of the chores that we may need to do to get ready for spring and summer.  You do not have to skip your workout, you will get one by just working with even one or two of these.  It is always a good idea to switch out your workouts so this may be a different way to build muscles and burn calories.  Generally you are working outside more than your normal workout so those are extra calories burned.


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