Smart Snacking

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Kathy is posting with us this week about Smart Snacking.

Snacks can be a very helpful way to get you from meal to meal and keep you on track.  The important thing to remember is to make sure that your snack fits into your healthy plan.

I like to eat a little protein.  It helps when you are hungry and hangs with you a little longer.  A container of yogurt, a glass of milk or even a slice of turkey can be a great snack.  A little bit of peanut butter or a few nuts can also be good.

There are many different fruits and vegetables that are easy to snack on.  If you are looking for something to munch on in the car; apples, grapes, bananas, celery, carrots and sliced peppers are just a few that aren’t too messy and you can eat them on the go.  Most of the time it doesn’t matter if you eat a few extras because they are very healthy especially the veggies.  Fruits have a little more sugar so you don’t want to eat too much.  As I have mentioned in the past, try to have them cut and in containers ready to reach for and go.  Fortunately, some of the fruits are already in a serving size.

There are plenty of other snacks but many of them you really need to be aware of portion control.  If you want to have baked potato chips or chips with salsa, that’s fine just read the nutritional facts and know what a serving size is.  This is something that you really only want to have one serving of.  These are empty calories and really don’t have a nutritional value.  Many times you only get 10-15 chips.  You have to decide whether it is worth it to you.  Even pretzels, which are a healthier choice especially if you get ones that are made with whole wheat, need to be counted out for your serving.  I have found that counting out your portion, putting them in container and then putting the bag or box away works best.  Leave the bag in the cabinet or the drawer before you start eating your snack.  You don’t want the bag sitting there and mindlessly reaching in and eating more.  If you want more bang for your buck, try popcorn.  Get the light kind or better yet, pop your own in an air popper.

Just like your meals, you want to plan ahead for your snacks.  You can portion them out and have them in little baggies or plastic containers so they are ready to go.  You can buy the 100 calorie packs but they are more expensive and you can do the same thing for yourself.

When you choose your snack, look at what you have had to eat all day.  If you are behind in your vegetables or fruits, have that.  I try to avoid empty calories.  They don’t have a nutritional value and many times they can leave you hungry shortly after you eat them.

Don’t be afraid to have a snack or two throughout your day but make sure they are in your healthy eating plan.  This is an area where portion control is a must.

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