Recognizing When You Are Full

Kathy, who has lost 105 pounds is back to share with us her thoughts about listening to your body and making conscious decisions when knowing when you are full and when to stop eating. Do you have “finish your plate syndrome”?

A healthy part of eating is recognizing something that most of us never think of.  I never thought of it, mainly, because I grew up with the “finish the plate” mentality.   It is very important that we all realize what it means to be full.  I like to think of it as satisfied.  So many of us were taught to finish our plates and that is very hard habit to break.  I have to admit, I still work on it.  It is something that learned as a child so it is something that I have struggled with.

First let’s think about what it means to be “full”.  What is it that we want from our meal?  We need the nutrition and we want to eat enough that we will not get hungry for a few hours.  We want food that we enjoy and that tastes good.

We have all had meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that we want to unbuckle the belt or let the button out because we are so uncomfortable.  You feel overstuffed but the food is so good you don’t want to stop.  That is a miserable feeling isn’t it?  We all also know what it is to be hungry.  The stomach is growling and telling you that it is time to eat.  We want to be somewhere in the middle.  I decided to think of hunger on a scale.  Very hungry being 0 and overstuffed being a 10.  Satisfied is a 5.   Here is how I do it.  At every meal, I try to have a protein, fruit or vegetable and a grain.  The protein will keep you from getting hungry later.  A serving is usually enough,  I eat maybe a 3 ounce piece of chicken or turkey, fish, or a lean beef.  That is about the size of a deck of cards.  I have 1 or maybe 2 servings of vegetables.  Depending on what I am eating, I may have a salad along with green beans, or carrots, or broccoli etc. I may also have some brown rice, a baked potato, or a baked sweet potato.  This is enough to feel satisfied and it is plenty to eat.

Set your plate with the food that you want to eat and stick to that amount. Don’t go for seconds.  You should be able to put the food on your plate and recognize the amount of food to be comfortable.  Depending on how much weight you need to lose, you can add a little more food. Again remember to stick to those food groups but just add a little more food.  My suggestion would be add more vegetables, especially the green ones.  Many vegetables are so low in calories that you burn it just buy chewing them.  Remember what a person weighing 130 pounds would eat is different than someone that weighs 230 pounds.   This isn’t an excuse to overeat, it is just being realistic to being able to stick with new way of eating.  If you feel hungry all of the time, who wants to make that a life change?  That is why recognizing when you are satisfied is so important.

One of the first things that you want to recognize is being comfortable with the amount of the food that you eat.  Just be conscious of it.  When having a meal, fix your plate with healthy choices but don’t overdo it, especially if you have the finish your plate syndrome.   As I have mentioned before, enjoy what you eat and don’t forget to try new foods.  Your taste buds do change and you may find that you like things that you never liked before.  You just may be surprised at some one the new foods.

How do you know when you are full? Do you finish your plate or know how much is enough? Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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