Reasons to Change

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What are your reasons to change and live a healthier lifestyle? Kathy shares hers in today’s guest post.

As we welcome our newest member of our family, my grandson Lucas, I think back on all of the reasons to get rid of those bad habits and get healthier.  I believe that everyone should make changes for themselves not to make anyone else happy but for themselves.  Each one of us have our own reasons for losing weight and throughout the course of my journey, I have found reasons that I never thought of before.

Most importantly, I am so glad that I lost weight and continue a healthy lifestyle so I can have more time with my family.  It makes me sad to think that I could have missed out on being at my daughters’ weddings, one upcoming in May, and the birth of my first grandchild and future grandchildren.  All over the addiction of food. It sounds crazy now but I have to say it was true!  I will never let anything take that kind of control over me again, life is too short!

The last 5 years have been such an amazing experience.  Just like everyone, I have had some struggles along the way but  I am certainly happier and healthier than I have been in years!  I am so excited to see what life has in store for me.

Think about what is most important to you.  Whether it be your family, friends, career, all of these or something else, being healthier is so beneficial.   None of us know what time we have on this earth but we certainly can do everything that we can to have the best life possible.  I think that we owe that to ourselves.

If making changes is a little scary, start small.  Take a walk around the block.  Eat an extra vegetable at dinner.  Switch white bread for whole grain bread.  Have yogurt as a dessert instead of ice cream, cookies or cake.  Trade sugary drinks for sugar free or better yet, water.  Little by little add to or increase what you are doing.  Small changes can lead to bigger results.

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