My Favorite Ways of Keeping Active

Part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re trying to lose pounds or not, is keeping active. Chobani asked me to share a few helpful tips with my readers on my favorite ways to stay active. They’ve also created this helpful info-graphic to illustrate how easy it is to burn 100 calories during your day.

photo credit: lululemon athletica via photopin cc
photo credit: lululemon athletica via photopin cc

My favorite way to stay active is taking a walk or a hike through the park. It’s amazing what fresh air will do for your mind and body. Now that I have a two year old to push in a stroller, this adds a new level of difficulty – and fun – to my walks through nature. We like to stop and look at the birds and interesting plants. Halfway though a long walk we stop and have a snack and sip some water to stay hydrated. Of course, I am sure to apply sunscreen to the both of us!

daffodils and primroses 1.2

Another great activity is working in the garden. It’s a practical workout when you lift, carry, rake, shovel, and pull weeds. You also reap an added the benefit of a beautiful garden or well manicured lawn. I am in the midst of working on a new vegetable garden in our yard. I can’t wait to see the fresh vegetables it produces!

I really enjoy these 12 fun ways to burn 100 calories. Its easy when you’re having fun dancing in the kitchen or playing with your kids.

I hope you have an active and fabulous Monday!


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