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Ever find yourself at a restaurant looking at your menu and wondering “what should I eat?”. In today’s guest post, Kathy is writing about her experience at her local restaurant.

There is a fast food restaurant that would advertise “Have it your way”.  Well I am not a big fan of fast food restaurants but I do say to have it your way when you go out to a restaurant.

Yesterday I went to a local family restaurant.  They have a great variety of foods and you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime of the day or night.  I have to admit, there are times that I get tired of eating the same healthy foods.  I normally get veggie burgers, salads, egg white omelets, grilled fish or chicken, etc. but for lunch I wanted something different.

I saw a buffalo chicken wrap made with fried chicken tenders and ranch or bleu cheese dressing, cheese, lettuce and tomato.  It looked so good but I knew that having the fried chicken was not for me.  There are certain foods that I plan on staying away from for life and fried chicken is one of them.  I asked them to make it with grilled chicken with the hot sauce, dressing on the side, just in case I wanted to dip my wrap into it, and 1/2 of the shredded cheddar cheese but with extra lettuce and tomato.

I like things with a little spice or “bite” to them.  It adds so much more flavor and I don’t think it is something that you can eat too much of.

I chose not to use any of the ranch dressing, it had so much flavor that I didn’t need anything else. I just thought just in case it was too hot for me, I could use a little and I mean very little dressing.  I made sure that I had a large beverage with it!

It was delicious!!!  If fact it will be something that I can easily make at home.

I checked the nutritional information on the wrap.  Here is the original wrap…

Calories 835
Fat         48
Fiber         3

Mine (estimated)
Calories 400
Fat          10
Fiber      3

That’s a big improvement!

The wrap was big enough to make me comfortable but not over full and it definitely was enough to eat.

When you want to have something different, make some healthier changes and give it a try.  If you want to maintain weight loss, you have to eat healthy but it doesn’t mean you can’t try new things or not eat your favorite foods.  Just some simple modifications can allow you to enjoy those foods and eat healthier!

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