Losing Holiday Pounds

Tips to Lose Holiday Pounds

After holidays and vacation, I was so anxious to get back to my normal eating plan and take off the a few holiday pounds. I am no different than anyone else. I know the procedures and the right things that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my struggles. I do. This is a life long journey for me. I now have a healthier way of living but I do have some bad days along the way. Having said that, I am so excited to be back to healthier eating. I feel so much better. Even though I didn’t gain much weight, it doesn’t take a lot of unhealthier foods to make me feel sluggish and just not feel my best.

Here is what I have done in the past couple of weeks to get back to my normal routine.

Make a healthy eating chart. I make a weekly chart of breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks between each meal. I also track how much water that I drink and my exercise.

Eating only things that are healthy. I eat all fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains (which I limit to one serving per day) and low fat dairy. I try to eat one fruit or vegetable with each meal and my snack usually is a lean protein or vegetable.

Drink plenty of water. I normally drink 64 ounces of water a day.

Exercise. Getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Since I have not been able to walk too much since I had the knee fracture, I had to find other ways to get my cardio in. I can walk on a treadmill so I have been walking about 15 minutes on that and I also use an exercise bike. I get the workout without the weight on my knee. Swimming is also a great exercise without putting a lot of weight on the joint.

Positive self talk. This is such an important part of weight loss!!! Always think positively about your weight loss. Close your eyes…imagine what it will be like to be healthier. What it will be like to run up stairs without feeling out of breath, do normal chores, get in and out of a chair or your car, have your clothes fit loosely. There are so many positives about losing weight and keeping your eye on the prize is such a great motivator. Constantly tell yourself how important you are and how important it is to be the healthiest that you can be.

Before long you will notice a change. Most of all you will feel so much better! Getting rid of all of the unhealthy foods in your body makes such a difference. Starting to exercise is also a great feeling! There are so many positives about changing to a healthier life style. After all it is just food. Changing out unhealthy food for a healthier one is all that it takes.

If you have made changes to become healthier, I would love to hear about it! I enjoy hearing different tips and thoughts from others that are dealing with the same things that I have been through and I am excited to share what has worked for me.

Kathy is a contributing writer at Lindsay Ann Loft. She has been sharing her weight loss story and tips with our readers since 2011. She has a passion for healthy eating and helping others with their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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