Leap Day

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Today is leap day!  Since this day only happens once every 4 years, I suggest doing something that you never take the time to do.  So many times I find myself saying “If only I had a few extra hours in a day”  Well today we have 24 of them!  Unfortunately most of us will have to go to work but use this extra day to get a little time for yourself.

Take a long walk or soak in the bathtub.

Make a new meal that you haven’t tried before.

Maybe call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Reconnect!

Go shopping.

Take time to do something fun today.  I plan on meeting my daughter for lunch.

Of course I talk about healthy eating and working on it everyday but if there was ever a time where you could possibly splurge, why not use the day of the year that will not come again in 4 years!

Whatever you have on your schedule today, take just a little break and enjoy your day!

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