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Last week we talked about reading the nutritional facts on food.  Another important part of the label is the list of ingredients.

During my weight loss endeavor, I learned to check out the ingredients in many of the foods that I ate.  I tried to eat non-processed foods but if I had to choose something that had a list of ingredients, I had to make good choices.

When you look at the label, the ingredients are listed in order of predominance.  The ingredient used in the greatest amount is listed first and then it goes down from there.  I would choose foods that had the fewest amount of ingredients and the ones with natural ingredients.  I tried to stay away from food additives, dyes, etc.  I would also look for foods that, if sugar was added, it was 5 or below.

I was also conscious of the kind of fat that would be in the list.  I wouldn’t choose something that had saturated fats.  I looked for salad dressings that were made with olive oil.  I have never been a fan of fat free dressings.  Not that there is anything wrong with them, I just have never acquired the taste for them.  Since I do not pour the dressing on my salad, just dipping each bite, I am not too concerned with the dressing as long as it has healthier ingredients.  I usually eat 1/2 of what a serving size is just by dipping into it instead of pouring it on.

There are so many foods on the market that are healthy and have healthy ingredients.  For weight loss or just healthy living, it is important to take a little time to read the labels and know what you are eating.  If you are buying food for yourself or for you and your family, everyone will benefit from eating healthier.

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