How to Survive the Super Bowl

photo credit: The Facey Family via photopin cc
photo credit: The Facey Family via photopin cc

Whether you’re a football fan or not chances are you will find yourself at a Super Bowl Party this weekend. Whenever we throw parties we tend to indulge in lots of junk food, soda pop, and alcohol. Doritos anyone? Although fun and a party standard, all of these things can sabotage our resolutions and ruin a week’s worth of exercise.

Here’s an list of things to keep in mind with this weekend’s celebration.

  1. Have a Game Plan – Just like the teams, you have to have a game plan going into the game. Plan on what you’re going to have, how much and what treats you want to have. It is a party after all.
  2. Eat Before You Go – Have a small meal before you head to the party or before your guests arrive.
  3. Drink Water – Water is so important to keep your body hydrated, it helps to fill your stomach, replaces calorie rich drinks, and gives you something to do while you’re nervously watching the game.
  4. Put out/ bring vegetables – Have you ever noticed how a veggie tray disappears when it’s put in front of people? The same works for chips and pretzels. So instead put out a veggie tray with protein rich hummus for dipping and watch it disappear.
  5. Make a crock pot of chili – This recipe is great on its own or can be served over chips it’s all natural and vegetarian (though meat-eaters will never know – I swear).
  6. Make your own Pizza – When you make your own pizza you control the ingredients and can use more or less cheese and toppings.
  7. Popchips – Pop chips are a great low calorie snack, they come in a variety of flavors including sour cream and onion, sea salt and vinegar, cheddar, barbeque, and many more.
  8. Avoid the deli tray – Cheese and pepperoni are not the best choices but can be addictive when picking up and can be full of fat.
  9. Make Popcorn – Air popped popcorn is a great snack because it has about 30 calories in a cup!  Season with interesting spices or a bit of parmesean cheese.
  10. Hit the gym – Get in a workout the morning of and the day after. This will keep you on track and I know I am more careful with what I eat when I have an hour of hard work in the gym.

This list will help you with any party, really, it’s helpful to be in control of these situations. I hope these tips will help.



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