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Kathy is back guest posting with her tips and this time she’s sharing her thoughts about being healthy while on vacation.

Many of us look forward to taking a vacation throughout the year but at times that can pose a challenge to sticking with a healthy eating plan.  It really doesn’t have to be that way.  First of all, you want to stick to eating protein for your meals.  Maybe eggs for breakfast, a salad with some beans, chicken or tuna for lunch and maybe some fish or even steak for dinner.  I like to try things that I don’t normally eat at home.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  Ask the chef to make it your way.  I have found that more and more restaurants are more than happy to accommodate.  Try to avoid the bread basket.  That is just adding extra calories with no real benefit.  If dessert is something that you like to splurge on while vacationing, keep a couple of things in mind.  First of all, look for something that has fresh fruits, sugar-free desserts and ones made with less fat.  These can all be very tasty.  If you insist on something sugary or more rich, try sharing.  I have a deal with my husband where I can have 3 bites and that’s all.  I know that’s what I get then I am finished.  I get to enjoy the taste without going overboard. Just get back to your normal routine once you get home.

Don’t forget some exercise.  Walking along the beach is very relaxing or even go for a quick run.  On a recent vacation, I took a 30 minute run first thing in the morning and I felt great the rest of the day!  So many of us have smart phones. Try downloading an exercise app, one with a GPS.  I turn mine on when I am just walking around, it is amazing how those miles add up!

Once again, just being aware of what you are eating is important.  Enjoy
your vacation, just try to be conscious of making good decisions.

What do you do when you are on vacation? Do you try to work in exercise or eat healthfully? Or do you have fun and do what you want and wait until you return to worry about exercise and food? Please share your thoughts below.

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