Enjoying the Holidays

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In this week’s guest post, Kathy talks about eating healthy during the holidays and offers up a few tips to help you make it through the holidays without gaining those extra pounds!

I find this time of year one of the most challenging when it comes to healthy eating. Many people will put on weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. After that 5 or 6 weeks, it is now necessary to make your New Year’s resolution and many people choose to lose weight. Well that is fine if you have some weight to lose but don’t add to that weight now. In fact, if you start doing some simple things you can maintain your current weight or possibly even lose some.

Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry.

When you do that, you tend to over eat. Eating too fast is also a problem when you are so hungry. You don’t even get to enjoy the food. Making sure that you have snacks along the day is very important. I like to keep some grapes at my desk or maybe some cut veggies. I like to have things that are bite size so I can pick at it when I want to. Protein is also a great snack. A slice or 2 of turkey breast or a piece of turkey bacon. Maybe a little bag of nuts or seeds. Even though a small amount of a protein isn’t enough to fill you, it is enough to hold off those hunger pangs. Having a glass of water with your snack will help you feel more satisfied.

Plan for any parties or get togethers.

There are many breakfasts and lunches that you can eat that are low in fat and calories so that you can save a little more for a party dinner. Make sure that you eat! Don’t skip those meals saying well I will be eating more at the party so I will save all of my calories for that. That is the wrong way of thinking. Once again, it goes back to getting too hungry and eating too much. You also think that well I can have extra desserts because I didn’t eat breakfast. So you are replacing a unhealthy food for a healthy one. If there are appetizers , choose wisely. Go for the veggies and protein. Even though those delicious foods are bite size, they still have a lot of fat and calories in many of them.

Don’t keep unhealthy leftovers.

How many times do you leave a party or even if you are hosting a party, do you end up with so many leftovers. Everyone is taking something home. If you have a chance, take the healthy stuff. If by chance you over indulge at a party or a holiday dinner, let it be that meal. Don’t keep eating the same thing for days.

Limit the cookies around the house.

If you normally bake cookies or sweets for the holidays, don’t leave the sitting around. I freeze mine when I bake them. I also limit the amount of cookies that I make. I don’t want them after Christmas is over.

Enjoy the holidays!

Having fun, enjoy your friends and family, celebrate everything that you have in your life! Having a positive attitude is key. Do you best but don’t beat yourself up with things that may have gone wrong.

Eating healthy and losing weight is a lifestyle change. The way to stay healthy and keep the weight off is to do it everyday. Not for 6 months until the weight is off. Believe me, I know that from experience. Diets may work for a time but a lifestyle change is forever!

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