Different Reasons for Weight Loss But One Answer

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What are your reasons for losing weight?  Have you thought about that? Do you want to do it for a special occasion, to look better in clothes, get back to the high school and/or college weight again, start getting healthier?  There are so many reasons and it varies with different people.

Here are just a few things that I would suggest no matter what your reasons may be:

  1. Don’t try fad diets.  You may lose weight quicker to start with but once you start eating normal foods that weight will come right back.
  2. Don’t think of it as a diet.  Make changes that you will continue with after the weight is off.  One way to put that weight right back on is going back to your old habits once you reach your goal.
  3. Continue eating those healthy foods. Finding a good balance to maintain that weight loss can be a challenge at first and you may find you put on a couple of pounds.  Add just a little food to your daily food and see how that works.  If you are up a pound or two just make a few adjustments.
  4. Give yourself a little wiggle room.  Give yourself a weight range that you want to stay in.  Everyone fluctuates a little but choose a number that if you get there, you cut back until your are in that range again.  Don’t let it get out of control.
  5. Celebrate your success!  Take a few minutes each day to think about how far you have come. Five pounds is just as hard to lose as 100 plus pounds.  Making life long changes is a something to be very proud of!

Whatever your reason for losing weight, make sure you do it in a healthy way.  You will feel so much better and you should  see results rather quickly.

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