Changes with Spring

Are you ready for spring? Today Kathy is talking about Spring and the changes that come with the change of the season.

Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year.  We had a mild winter in our area but spring has started off a little cooler.  I think though we are on our way to warmer weather so I figured it is time to pull out some spring and summer clothes.  I am ready for a change.  If you have been in the same eating and exercising routine, you may be in for a change.

One change that I am making with my meals is using the grill.  Time to dust it off and fill up the propane. I do use the grill throughout the winter months but not too often.  Now it is time to starting preparing meals on the grill several times a week.  Grilled foods are so much healthier for you and even though you may be making healthy foods in the kitchen, this may mix it up a bit.  Some of my favorite foods on the grill are chicken, steak, veggie burgers, salmon, vegetable kabobs.  I love fresh sliced pineapple on the grill!  It brings out the natural sweetness of the fruit.  If you haven’t tried it, pick a pineapple up the next time you shop.  Cut off the top and bottom and slice off the skin.  I do not core mine, I slice them and grill them and just kind of eat around the core.

Take your workout outside!  Pull out the sneakers and get moving!  Make sure you have a good pair of sneakers.  Think of it…if you walk 4 miles a day and do it 5 days a week, you are putting in 20 miles in one week.  That’s a lot of miles on your shoes.  Just like the tires on your car, they wear.  You don’t get thousands of miles out of your shoes.  If you shoes are wearing down, you can be at risk for injury.  I can tell when my shoes are at that point.  My feet hurt after my workout and I have had knee pain during my walk/run. The pain goes away when I stop walking.  (If you have intense pain or the pain doesn’t go away when you stop your activity, you want to contact your doctor.)  I can get about 500 miles out of a pair of shoes.  That’s usually about 6 months.   The padding inside of your shoes can wear down as well.  Of course everyone’s shoes wear differently but it is certainly something to be aware of.

With all of the healthy eating and activity you have been doing, it could also be a time to head out to the stores and get some new summer clothes!  Last year’s stuff may be too big this year so go out and get something new!  A new something even if it is small is fun and can be a confidence boost!

Change is a good thing.  Staying the same can be boring and can lead to falling off of your plan. Celebrate the change in season and the changes that you have made or are about to make.

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