The Benefits of Exercise

photo credit: stumayhew via photopin cc
photo credit: stumayhew via photopin cc

It can be such a challenge to find time in your busy day to exercise but the benefits are well worth it. Here are just a few;

  1. Exercise controls weight. That is really the no brainer. Exercise burns calories and the more intense the work out, the more calories burned.
  2. Exercise help fight health conditions and diseases. I know first hand what it can do for your blood pressure. After 1 1/2 of medication to control my high blood pressure, I started to walk an hour 5 times a week. Only after 6 weeks, I saw the result and the doctor told me that I didn’t need my medication any longer as long as I continued with my plan of healthy eating and exercise. Exercise can prevent or manage many health issues such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, depression, certain types of cancer, arthritis, help prevent falls, and balance your metabolism.
  3. Exercise can improve your mood. A good workout helps with stress and gives you that “me” time to help sort things out in your mind. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that help with feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel that you are looking better and that can help with self-esteem.
  4. Exercise helps boost your energy level. How many times do we say “I am too tired to exercise”? The truth of the matter is that physical activity delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. You have more energy to go about your daily jobs and chores.
  5. Exercise helps your sleep. Regular exercise can help you sleep more sound and fall asleep faster. You don’t want to exercise too close to bedtime, that can energize you too much to fall asleep.
  6. Exercise is a fun activity. There is more to it than lifting weights, doing a DVD or running a couple of miles. Dance is a great exercise, riding a bike, playing sports, so many things that are fun and can give you a great workout. You can do it alone, with your family or with a group or team. Try different activities. Just like different types of food, you never know what you will like until you try it. I never thought that I would enjoy walking. I couldn’t imagine anything more boring than that. The truth is…I prefer walking alone. It doesn’t take much thought to walk and it allows me time to organize my thoughts. Imagine all of the things that you can think about during your walk. It also allows you the time to dream! Plan a walk on a white sandy beach someday. Swim with dolphins! Write a book! Anything is possible!

The next time you thing that you don’t have time to exercise think of all of the benefits. When you think about everything that physical activity can do for you, you want to find the time. Find several things that you like and have fun!

Kathy is a contributing writer at Lindsay Ann Loft. She has been sharing her weight loss story and tips with our readers since 2011. She has a passion for healthy eating and helping others with their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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