Avoiding Injury

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In today’s guest post, Kathy is talking about dealing with injuries and preventing them before they start. She’s speaking from experience.

I have been dealing with a knee injury as a result of running. As I wait for my knee to heal, I realized that I didn’t know how to care for it to avoid injury.

I knew to warm it up but that was it. After talking with my doctor, I learned things that I should have been doing. Hopefully they will help you to avoid an injury.

Running on concrete or asphalt is the hardest on the knees. Using an elliptical or a treadmill is much better for your joints. I like running outside, there is so much to see. Plus I like getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Running on a track would be better than the road.

If you choose to run on such a hard surface, the doctor told me to ice my knees when I am finished. Whether you feel any pain or swelling, ice them up every time. That will help with the inflammation from the pounding on the knee joint. He also told me that I could put BioFreeze on the knee before I start running. Something else that I found interesting is that a woman’s knee is just a little different than a man’s knee. That pounding on a woman’s knee can cause injury in the joint. Not to say that men don’t have knee injuries but we see an injury before a man would with the same activity.

My doctor told me that he would never tell me not to run, it is great exercise but taking care of the joint before and after the run is very important.

If you are feeling pain when you exercise, make sure you take care of it. If it continues to hurt after you have iced it, you may want to have a doctor take a look at it. It is best to check it out before it turns into a long term problem.

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