A Healthy Lunch at Work

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Having a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch? In today’s guest post, Kathy is writing about eating a healthy lunch at work.

Eating a healthy lunch at work can be difficult.  Depending on your job and your job location, you can have a few choices.  If you are like me, you may not have the option of going out of the building for lunch.  Packing a lunch is my only option but it is also a great way of staying in control of what I eat.  It does take a little bit of planning.  Yogurt is one of my favorites.  It comes in its own container and I keep some healthy granola in my desk to sprinkle on top.  To save some money, I also buy large containers of yogurt and make individual servings in plastic dishes.  I also add fresh or frozen fruit to it.  I also take turkey wraps or sandwiches made with whole wheat tortilla shells or bread.  I like to have a piece of fruit or a small salad with my sandwich and I make sure that I put vegetables on my sandwich.  Having leftovers from a previous dinner is also a good idea.

Most vending machines have unhealthy choices.  Most of them are filled with chips, candy bars, cookies and snack cakes.  Some do offer a few lunch selections.  If microwaveable soups are available try to have the ones with broth and not cream bases.  Some sandwiches are available in some machines but make sure you steer clear of mayonnaise, most of it is made of fat.  Try mustard or even eating them without a condiment.  Having little single serving condiments in your desk can be helpful.  Pretzels are a healthier choice but watch the serving size.  Some bags have more than one serving.  Light popcorn can also be a good choice but you need protein for lunch.  Those could be a great snack or side to your lunch.

If you don’t have the time to pack your lunch you may have to resort to going out to eat.  You can have a plan in place for that as well.  Take a look at the menu ahead of time so you know what healthy foods that each restaurants offer.  If you make choices ahead of time, it is easier to make healthier choices.  It is hard to do that when you are really hungry.  Check the ingredients of the foods that you are interested in.  I recently looked at a  turkey burger at a restaurant.  Thinking it is much healthier than beef, I was very surprised.  You need to make sure the turkey burger is made with ground turkey breast and not all parts of the turkey.  Restaurants will also also add cheese and/or bacon to the burger.  Ruby Tuesday’s Avocado Turkey Burger has 886 calories and 54 grams of fat!  I try to limit my fat grams to 20 a day, that is 2 1/2 days worth of fat in something that I would think of as healthy.  Of course there are plenty of good choices out there but knowing what they are ahead of time is so much better for you.

With just a little planning, eating healthier lunches is easier than you think!

Kathy has been posting with us every Wednesday and sharing her story and ideas for weight loss and a healthy life. Miss any of the previous posts?

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