5 Ways to Track Fitness Without a Scale

5 Ways To Track Fitness Without a Scale

You might think that April Fool’s Day is everyday you step on the scale. You have a good week of working out and eating healthy but the scale doesn’t reflect your efforts. If you’re still working hard, you are destined to see changes in other ways. Try tracking your fitness in these ways instead!

  1. Take Your Measurements – I’ve had weeks with a .2 change on the scale but a loss of 1 or 2 inches. How does that happen? Your body is changing in composition. In the end wouldn’t you rather have your clothes fit better and look better on you?
  2. Keep Track of your Times – If you are walking and running, keep track of your time and distances. Or use your playlist to keep track too, can you cut out an entire song? You’ll know the work is paying off when your times drop and your distances get longer!
  3. Push Up Contest – Challenge yourself to do as many push ups as you can, as you get stronger, you will be able to do more. Do the same with crunches and plank times.
  4. The Jeans Factor – Break out your skinny jeans. How do they fit and how do they feel? Can you breathe in them? Yes? Then you’re making progress.
  5. Document it in Photos – It’s never too late to track your progress in photos. Put on the bathing suit and start snapping. Do it every Monday, you’ll see your body changing, muscles building, and fat going away.

I hope this little post is enough to keep you going when you feel discouraged by the scale.

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photo credit: Sven Van Echelpoel via photopin cc Edited by Lindsay Ann Loft.

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