5 Pre-Workout Snacks

5 Pre-Workout Snacks

If I workout on an empty stomach I wilt like a flower on a hot day. The workout is a draaaaaaaaaaag and I know I’m not giving it my all. I hate that, why waste your time!? Here are 5 snacks to have a half an hour before your workout to keep you going.

I try to have something fresh with protein. If you’d like to add an extra edge, consume a bit of caffeine with your snack like a cup of coffee or tea (iced or hot) a half an hour before your workout. Follow your snack with a tall glass of water.

  1. Greek yogurt and granola – Pineapple greek yogurt is one of my favorites top with a bit of granola.
  2. Sliced apple and 2 tablespoons peanut butter – You can also use almond butter or a banana.
  3. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich – On whole wheat bread. If you want to keep it low on calories spread the pb on one half of a piece and the jelly/jam on the other and fold in half.
  4. Mini smoothie – Mix up a small fruit and yogurt smoothie.
  5. Half a protein bar – A whole protein bar can be heavy but cut one in half and enjoy before you hit the gym. You can always save the other half for tomorrow.

What are your favorite snacks to have before a workout? Do you eat pre or post workout? Or both?

photo credit: TowerGirl via photopin cc edited by Lindsay Ann Loft.

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