5 Fitness Apps to Try

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I can’t deny, I LOVE my iPhone. I don’t know how I lived without it. I use it to check my email and to listen to podcasts and make lists. Today I’m sharing a list of 5 apps that I find useful for my fitness goals.

  1. Calorie Counter – This connect to the About Calorie Count website. I find it to be incredibly helpful. With this app you can use your phone’s camera to scan bar codes and enter foods. How awesome is that? I record my food, exercise, and water logs. It’s free.
  2. Endomondo – This app utilizes the GPS feature on your phone and records the distance of your runs. It also syncs with a website. One amazing feature is the peptalks. Your friends can give you motivation while you are out running and you can hear it over your headphones while you’re on the go. That’s inspiring to me! It’s free.
  3. Jillian Michaels Slim Down – I like to check out this app for inspiration and quick tips. I always check it when I’m riding the train or waiting to meet a friend. It also connects to her podcasts which I like to listen to. It’s free.
  4. Nike + – This works in the same way as Endomondo. However, this one syncs with the DailyMile website. This app is $1.99.
  5. Notes / Reminders / Camera – An important part of staying healthy is eating healthy foods. I use these apps to make a list of the food I want to eat and prepare for the week when I got shopping. I also included camera to take a snapshot of a list or dry erase board. All of these apps should come standard so put them to good use! This is a little bonus for your budget too, if you head to the store with a list you will save money by not buying anything extra or wasting gas driving back to the store after you’ve forgotten something.

What are some of the apps that you use? Do you keep track of your fitness goals on your computer/phone/tablet?


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