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    Happy Winter Solstice

    Happy Winter Solstice Everyone! We are working our way back to summer in the northern hemisphere.  Happy Winter and Happy Summer if you live in the southern hemisphere! Each new start at something makes me feel like I want to make a resolution to do better. So take this opportunity to improve your life in one way.

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    Say Thank You… To Yourself

    Yesterday I was getting my butt kicked by Jillian working out.  Jillian said something in the video that really inspired me.  It was about focusing on your body and your muscles while you are working out. Feeling the blood pumping through your body and the air filling your lungs. It was then that I was suddenly very thankful for my body. Dealing with a serious injury last year, I felt so dependent and stationary (not being able to shower on your own is a humbling experience). My body recovered so well, I was dedicated to my physical therapy, and felt determined to make it even better… and I did. So…

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    I Am Thankful

    Hello Friends! I hope you have a fantastic holiday and are able to spend time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving. It’s not always about the food, or shopping, it’s about family and friends. This year, I am most thankful for my little nephew Lucas. He’s such a resilient and sweet little guy. We call him Squishy. Don’t you just want to squish him? A family photo. What are you thankful for?

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    Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy paid us a visit Monday. We were very lucky, we didn’t have damage to our home and cars. A lot of people weren’t as lucky. I am so sad to see all of the damage Sandy has caused. As of now we have had 8 fatalities in New Jersey. So many homes have been damage and I’m sorry to see that the boardwalk we visit in the summer has been destroyed. It will take a lot of time to clean up and get things up and running again. My thoughts are with all of the people affected. I hope all of you will stay safe.

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