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    My Newest Project – Baby Voorhees

    Hello There! I’ve been absent for quite a while. However I’ve been working on a very important project that is due in April!   Baby Voorhees is due April 22nd! Things have been busy around our house prepping, relaxing, and reading every baby book ever printed. 🙂 With the coming posts I will be sharing projects that I’ve been working on in the nursery and healthy recipes I’ve been making. I am by no means an expert when it comes to babies but I’m happy to share what I learn as I go!

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    May Happenings: Two Weddings & A Marathon… Relay

    Ahh! Hello again. Remember me? I’d like to apologize for my brief hiatus from blogging. Life has been a whirlwind recently with my sister Lacie’s wedding and running in the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay. It’s not going to stop, I’m lucky enough to be in my good friend Laura’s wedding this weekend! I don’t plan on disappearing again on you though. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been doing. Pittsburgh Marathon Relay May 5, 2013: I was the last leg of the relay, I ran a 4.7 mile portion of the course. I was lucky enough to cross the finish line! It was an amazing energy with cheers and signs on…

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    Las Vegas Photos

    Today I’d like to share a couple of personal photos from my trip to Las Vegas! If you’ll recall last Thursday’s post, I got a nasty blister on my first day. Ouch! The trip was fantastic and we had a great time. Sadly, I did not go home a winner but we still had fun 🙂

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    Photos of my Garden

    I love that spring is the beginning with new growth and possibilities. We are lucky to have more sun and  The past two weeks has presented new growth. The bulbs I planted in the fall are blooming. It’s like buried treasure! I have hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. Accompanying them are lovely pink and yellow primroses and the beginnings of my day lilies. How is your garden looking?

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    A Busy Week

    This week I had a visit from my sister Tori and her husband Andrew. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and what New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia had to offer! Here are some photo highlights. I was so entertained that they gave the zoo animals toys that Roxy plays with. The wild dog had kong toys and this bird (not sure what he is?) had a squeaky toy. This wild dog sits just like Roxy does. We had a great trip! I forgot to take photos from our trip to Atlantic City and our visit to Newsies on Broadway. We had so much fun!

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