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    How to Improve Your Posture

    As I sit here writing this post, I am curled up on the couch with what I can only imagine is my spin in a funky shape. The human body is amazing! We can move, twist, roll, bend, stretch, dance, and run. It’s important to treat it right. Your spine protects your nerves and keeps your body in balance. Throwing it off by slouching could lead to discomfort, imbalance, and injury. Not to mention that we all look better when we stand up straight and tall! Give it a try! Workouts – Yoga and Pilates focus on a strong core, these muscles will hold your body up and in. Check…

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    How To Get Off Track

    Normally my How To posts are positive but today I’m mixing things up and instead of a recipe for success… this is a recipe for failure. How to Get Off Track: Don’t Plan The Week – Failure to make plans for the week gets you off to a bad start. Skip Food Shopping on the Weekend – Starting the week off with an empty fridge is a big risk for failure. Cookies and sweets are always around. Don’t workout on Monday – You will make exercise excuses on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Watch Lots of TV – Why spend time doing something productive when you can procrastinate? Stay Up…

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    How to Save a Few Minutes Everyday

    Time is something we never seem to have enough of. I know I don’t! Just writing this post I’m behind my schedule. In an effort to improve the time we have to do things we love and enjoy. Like blogging. 🙂 I’ve written this post that will hopefully help you to save a few minutes everyday. Here are a few ideas that can be simply added into your routine. Throw in a Load of Laundry as soon as you wake up. By the time you complete your work out you can pop it into the dryer. By the time you finish showering and getting ready it will be dry! Fold…

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    How to Make Icing Cupcakes a Breeze

    This is an easy way to icing your cupcakes and you will keep your hands clean! Follow the step by step instructions below for perfectly iced cupcakes. Image Copyright Lindsay Ann Loft.  Use plastic wrap an place a generous dollop in the center. Overlap the plastic to create a plastic tube. Tighten the icing by whipping the icing in a circle. This is the result. Cut a hole in the corner of a ziplock bag and string one side of the icing plastic wrap through. Trim the edge of the bag and the plastic tubing. You’re good to go! Start with your icing on the outer rim of the icing.…

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    How to Remove Oil Based Stains

    I was so upset when I spilled salad dressing on one of my favorite shirts. If you’ve had any experience with oil and clothes you know it’s difficult to remove and how ugly of a stain it can leave. Here’s how I removed the spill. What you need: Napkin or Cloth Bowl Cold Water Dawn dish soap (this is the only kind I’ve used) Instructions: Remove as much of the substance as possible. Dab with a napkin or cloth. Try not to smear it. Add a touch of dish soap to the stain and add a few drops of water. Use your fingers to leather the soap. I do this…

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