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    How To Make a Healthy Pizza

    Pizza is one of my favorite foods, I call my homemade pizza Mama Lindsay’s! And although pizza often gets a bad wrap as an unhealthy food, it can be as healthy as you want to make it! Here are a few ideas to put together a healthy and delicious pizza. Cut back on cheese – When I first made pizza, I used to use the entire bag of cheese I had bought at the grocery store. As tasty as it is, cheese tends to have a lot of calories and fat. If you make your pizza the right way, you wont miss the extra mozzarella. One way to add flavor…

  • How To Kitchen

    How To Smoothie

    Give your morning a boost with a smooth. Smoothies are a versatile breakfast food. You can whip a smoothie up with pretty much anything in the house. These are are my staple ingredients: Banana – preferably frozen Blueberries Strawberries Use these and mix and match with any of the following for a delicious morning treat. Yogurt Orange juice Water / ice Milk – dairy, almond, rice, or soy Oranges Berries – any kind Spinach Chia seeds Flax meal/ flax seeds Oatmeal Protein powder I like to start with a banana and a liquid like orange juice, if you’re using it. Using these first allows the ingredients to blend quickly. If…

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