Happy Earth Day!

earth day

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Every spring I am in awe of what mother nature grows, the flowers and greenery are beautiful and amazing. It’s appropriate that Earth Day is the day that my flowers are starting to bloom. 🙂

On Earth Day, I encourage you to do one thing today that makes the Earth a better place for us and future generations. What will you do?

earth day2

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17 St. Partrick’s Day Links

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photo credit: paral_lax <°)>< via photopin cc

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! I put together a list of 17 recipes, crafts, projects, and treats to help you get into the spirit!

Good Eats

    1. Spinach Avocado Pasta – Lindsay Ann Loft
    2. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie – The Kind Life
    3. Kale Chips  – Lindsay Ann Loft
    4. Irish Soda Bread – Gimme Some Oven
    5. Shamrock Green Peppers – Martha StewartSpinach Avocado Pasta
    6. Lucky Leprechaun Cookie Bark – Your Homebased Mom
    7. Homemade Shamrock Shake – Wishes and Dishes
    8. Shamrock Pretzel Snacks – Sun Scholars
    9. St. Patty’s Day chocolate dipped oreos – Lolly Jane
    10. Leprechaun Hat S’mores – Half Baked – The Cake Blogspan

      Arts & Crafts

Image from Better Homes and Gardens.

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Lotto Gift – Shaken Together Life
  2. Celtic Stenciled Tablecloth – Better Homes and Gardens
  3. Shamrock Straw Toppers – Martha Stewart
  4. Real Shamrock Planter – Better Homes and Gardens
  5. Free St. Patrick’s Day Fonts – Made in a Day
  6. More Free St. Patrick’s Day Fonts – A Typical English Home
  7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Printable – Funky Polkadot Giraffe
What are your St. Patrick’s Day plans? Let us know if you catch any Leprechauns!
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How to Icing Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes

Thing One & Thing Two Cupcakes for a Dr. Seuss Party

For Lucas’ Half Birthday Party we served cupcakes that looked like Thing one and Thing Two. Here’s how to decorate the cupcakes to create the spiky blue hair of the characters.

What You’ll Need:

  • Cupcakes Baked in Red Cupcake Papers
  • Icing mixed with Blue Food Coloring
  • An icing pastry bag
  • Icing tip Wilton #12 sized



  1. Place a pastry bag in a cup.
  2. Fill Bag with icing.
    Fill pastry bag with icing in a cup.
  3. Attach the tip and trim the tip of the bag.
  4. Follow the method with this video.


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Lucas’ Dr. Seuss Half Birthday Party!

Lucas' Half Birthday

This weekend we celebrated my Nephew’s Half Birthday. My Sister, Tori, wanted to make it a special day with one of their favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. She went all out with the Dr. Seuss Theme. Lucky for Lucas, Dr. Seuss’ birthday falls on his half birthday!

Birthday Sign

Lorax Cake

Birthday Treats.

Lucas and Cake

Lucas wanted a piece of his cake!

Thing One & Thing Two Cupcakes for a Dr. Seuss Party

Birthday Cupcakes

Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes. Find out how to decorate them here.

Lorax Oreos

Tori also made chocolate covered oreos decorated for the Lorax.

Cat in the Hat Pizza2

We made pizza for the cat in the hat and one made to look like the Lorax.

Lorax Pizza
The Lorax Pizza with Cheddar Cheese, Black Olives, and Banana Peppers for his eyebrows and mustache.
Lucas Wall Sign
Our sister, Lacie, made  awesome wall stickers with her silhouette maker.
She also  made the festive t-shirts Tori and her husband Andrew are wearing in the first photo above.
Even Bailey was ready to party!
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How To Find Inspiration

Image copyright b3nscott.

I believe that inspiration comes from within, however lots of outside influences can help inspire you to reach your goal. Here are a few ideas to give you a fresh perspective.

  1. Look To Others – Seek out others who have done what you wish to do. Read their stories and find what helped them succeed. It’s important to consider what will work for you and your situation. Speak with them, ask them questions. One person I find inspiring for my fitness goals is Kathy. Who just celebrated her 5 year Anniversary. She lost 105 pounds and that takes motivation and dedication.
  2. Examine the Small Things – It’s the little things in life. That’s what you hear people say. Often we overlook the little things in life. There could be more information there than you think.
  3. Look to The Professional World – Think of a celebrity or public figure that you admire. Look at their approach and see if you can’t incorporate it into your life. Read autobiographies and interviews. It’s always good to see how successful came to be that way.
  4. Talk to Your Family – Ask for help from the people you love. If they’ve been there before they can give you help or an idea that you might not have considered.
  5. Walk Away (but come back) – Walk away from a project, try something new and then go back to what you were working on. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can really help.
  6. Make Mistakes – Learn from your mistakes. If your goal is weight loss, learn from your latest slip up and realize what was the reason? If you did not get as good of a grade as you had hoped on a project, learn from it and improve by focusing on your weaknesses. Try something new and learn for the next time.
  7. Review Yourself – Write a journal or even in a word document. What are the thoughts going on in your head. Get it all out and on paper. Once it is said, then you can work on a plan of attack. Keeping a journal also allows you to look at your past and see what was successful and what could have used improving.
  8. Don’t Give Up – Looking for inspiration in the outside world can help but don’t be discouraged by others success or if you’re not achieving what you want quickly enough. Everyone is unique.

What do you do to find inspiration in everyday life?


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