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    The Benefits of Exercise

    It can be such a challenge to find time in your busy day to exercise but the benefits are well worth it. Here are just a few; Exercise controls weight. That is really the no brainer. Exercise burns calories and the more intense the work out, the more calories burned. Exercise help fight health conditions and diseases. I know first hand what it can do for your blood pressure. After 1 1/2 of medication to control my high blood pressure, I started to walk an hour 5 times a week. Only after 6 weeks, I saw the result and the doctor told me that I didn’t need my medication any…

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    Seeing Results

    Adjusting to healthier changes isn’t always easy but it really does pay off. You really don’t have to wait too long to see results whether they are feeling better, improving some heath conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or seeing results on the scale. As excited as I was to see the scale drop lower and lower, I have to say that feeling better is what made it easier. I know longer suffered with heartburn every night when I went to bed or was awoken through the night with tingling in my arms when they would fall asleep. I no longer needed my blood pressure medication. (never stop…

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    Key To Success: Variety

    We have all heard the phrase “Variety is the spice of life”. I think that variety is so important to success. The last thing that you want is to allow your healthy eating to become boring or stale. Switching up your meals, snacks and exercise are just a few ways to keep things fresh. When it comes to meals, plan on making a different meal every day of the month. Obviously you will be eating chicken or fish more than one meal a month but what you do with it is the key. Choosing a new recipe once a week can be helpful. Mix it up. Try using beans as…

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    Lifetime of Success

    Last week I spoke about ditching diets and just eating healthier. Changing your eating life style will lead to success. Here is another tip for a lifetime of success. Here is a different approach. Try eating more vegetables with each meal. Eat lean proteins and dairy, whole grains and fruits, drink more water. Cut out all of the extra sugar and fatty foods. That’s all. I am not saying eat 1 slice of dry toast for breakfast, a salad with fat free dressing for lunch and a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for dinner. I am talking real foods and real amounts. Eat until you feel full and satisfied, not…

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    Conquering the Problem

    In previous posts, I have talked about how I feel losing weight and being healthy is a life style change. I mentioned that with my successful weight loss, I didn’t count calories and I didn’t weigh and measure my foods. After countless attempt and many years of dieting, I feel like I am finally conquering the problem. Even though my weight has fluctuated a few pounds in the last 5 years, I have kept the majority of my weight off. I feel that diets do not work because we are too worried about the number. The number on the scale, the number of calories we eat, the number of calories…

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